' Landscape-led Planning Consultancy '

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At First Environment Consultants Ltd we specialise in providing a creative, sustainable and design-led approach to the design process.

As a company, we understand the importance of maximising the potential of a development. Landscape, biodiversity and sustainability issues are increasingly important factors within the planning process and must be addressed if a scheme is to succeed. This means taking into consideration the Site as a whole, including the local context, environmental constraints and future potential.

We also recognise the benefits of working closely with key stakeholders and other design disciplines to achieve the best possible outcome for our client. We support the requirements for overall biodiversity improvements set out in the NPPF and believe that an integrated approach to design can provide tangible long-term benefits for both the Site and its surroundings.

Our approach is flexible and project focused, allowing us to address an extension to a single property or a large-scale development with equal consideration. As a multi-disciplinary practice we can provide a competitive and responsive service at all stages of a project from initial concept to implementation.

Our projects have included:
• Residential developments from 1 to 1000 homes
• Mixed commercial and residential developments
• Extension of school premises and playground design
• Creation of a wildlife-friendly pond in a residential garden
• Care-home development
• Landscape capacity assessment to inform the future extension of an existing settlement to meet long term housing needs
• Regeneration projects in London